Our new BT Infinity advert launched today, where we tell the story of a little girl and a budgie called “Buddy”. We follow them around the house through various rooms as she live streams to her Grandpa. Following the bird around the home we see how far the wi-fi signal from BT Infinity reaches, and how BT Infinity allows you to Be There emotionally, even if you can’t physically be there.

At the start of the advert, the girl tries to get the perfect shot of Buddy for her grandpa - but before she can, the bird flies off. She follows him around the house - through the hallway, up the stairs and past the BT Smart Hub on the side table, into the bathroom and the bedroom before he flies through an open window and into the garden.

A BT Smart Hub in BT’s new #BeThere advert

She follows Buddy outside, still streaming with her Grandpa, looking up and searching the skies for Buddy. Just as she is about to give up, Buddy appears on her shoulder. The girl beams and thanks her grandpa.

The advert shows how BT’s technology can help you be there for the important moments in your life - from reading a bedtime story to your child when you’re on a business trip, watching your team clinch the title or closing a deal with customers around the world.

BT’s new #BeThere advert launches on TV and online

Watch the advert on TV, Video on Demand, online and on BT’s Facebook and Twitter pages from today.