Our archive has received national recognition.

​BT Archives has become one of only three corporate archives to achieve accreditation from The National Archives.

The UK Archive Service Accreditation Committee awarded BT the status, which recognises that we “provide a high level of service to our users, preserve our collections in line with national standards and are robust, sustainable archives which plan and deliver ongoing improvement”.

You can find out more about our accreditation status here.

BT Head of Heritage and Archives David Hay said: “We’re delighted and proud to have been awarded archives accreditation. Only 50 out of almost 3,500 archives services in all sectors have so far met the standard - and ours is only the third business archive to do so after Unilever and RBS.

“It recognises not just the value of the collection and BT’s outstanding innovation heritage. But also the commitment we make in preserving it on behalf of the nation.”

Our collection dates back to 1846. It includes more than 100 years of phone books and a collection of film, photographs and audio recordings that recall world wars and changes in technology.

You can find out more about BT Archives at bt.com/archives or on the History of BT section of BT.com – and follow updates on the BT Archives Twitter account.