For most people in the early 1980s, the home phone was seen as a functional household item – just another object in the hall alongside the hat stand and doormat.

But a 1984 BT advertising campaign sought to change all that, and bring the humble home phone into the world of high fashion.

After producing dozens of different styles of phones, different shapes and colours to match home décor, BT joined forces with the top photographers of the day – and fashion bibles including Tatler, Vogue, Harpers and more – to create a range of advertising features and adverts. Here’s the pick of the fashionable (by 1980s standards) bunch.

BT and Mary Quant

Having a bad hair day? Simply put in an emergency call to your hairdresser with the Genie phone (while sitting in a bedouin tent, apparently). 

BT and Guy Laroche

"Have my order of executive gloves brought to the 67th floor immediately." A model in 1980s Guy Laroche makes a very important call with The Statesman.

BT and Helena Rubenstein

Hunger takes control of this Sheena Easton-alike model in an edgy Helena Rubenstein-dressed ad for the Candlestick-In Black.

BT and Trussardi

They'll regret that when they want a pizza later: Two Trussardi-clad models play cat and mouse with a phone connection in this ad for the popular Genie handset.

BT and Vogue

A soft-focus model hopes to conjur up a paramour with the Genie in an ad for British Vogue.