A tool co-developed by BT to optimise the distribution of spare parts has won an award for the best use of artificial intelligence (AI) in automation.

Intuitu Strategic Planner was chosen at The Global Annual Achievement Awards for AI, ahead of stiff entries from other industries.

Gilbert Owusu, chief research at BT, says: “It uses AI techniques to proactively plan the distribution of spare parts. This makes sure teams have the right parts available at the right place.”

One of its strengths is that operational teams in Technology, Service & Operations can instantly see where there is a mismatch of spares to network and vice versa.

Ron Wild, stock dimensioning at BT, says: “The tool is a great way to visualise our networks and see where our spares are situated in the exchange sites.

“It also lets you drill down to specific geographical areas and optimise the spread of spare parts across the country.

“These are very handy features, which could easily be used or developed for other platforms or equipment types.”

BT developed the tool in collaboration with the EBTIC research centre in Abu Dhabi.

Sid Shakya, a chief researcher from EBTIC, says: “It also uses visual analytics to view the spread of spare parts and find any sites that have low accessibility to spares.”

EBTIC is an ICT research and innovation centre that we established with Etisalat and Khalifa University.