Following the launch of our new look website with news, entertainment and much more, we wanted to make our online services easier to use.

Therefore we’re bringing all our BT services together in one place – on As part of this change, the BT Yahoo! portal (which is currently used to access BT Yahoo! Mail) will close and we will remove the BT Yahoo! login page. This change will happen over a period of weeks, starting later this month.

How will I log in to BT Yahoo! Mail?

Once the change has happened, all BT Yahoo! Mail users will log in via the website. You just need to click on the ‘Email’ link on the right of the main navigation bar to access the new secure BT email log in page.

To log in, you’ll still use your existing email address - e.g., or - and existing password.

It’s a good idea to bookmark now, as this will be the place all BT Yahoo! Mail users will go to for their email once the change has happened.

Keeping yourself protected

Incidents of ‘phishing’ – where you are encouraged to put your log in or other personal details into fake websites – can increase when companies make changes such as these. Please take extra care when entering your log in details:

  • Make sure you only log in on the BT Yahoo! or websites
  • Don’t log in from a link in an email
  • If in doubt, retype into your web browser and use the ‘Email’ link

What else is changing?

Now that we’ve launched our new website with up-to-the-minute news, entertainment, technology and lifestyle stories, and much more, the BT Yahoo! portal accessed by BT Yahoo! Mail users will close.

As a result of this change, BT Yahoo! portal links will be redirected to BT Yahoo! users can however, for a period of time, still continue to visit a number of Yahoo! services such as Finance, Answers, Groups and Games using their BT Yahoo! email address and password via

The BT Yahoo! Mail email service will not move to BT Mail until later this year and anyone affected by this change will be contacted beforehand.

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