Don’t have enough for a holiday abroad? Well, why not visit these places in the UK that will make you feel as if you’re in a destination far away. All you need to do is close your eyes and pretend…

1. Cornwall

St. Just, Cornwall.
St Just, Cornwall (Giuseppe Milo/Flickr)

Barbados (Berit Watkin/Flickr)

Cornwall looks exactly like a beach in Barbados with its beautiful turquoise water.

2. Llyn Padarn

Llyn Padarn.
Llyn Padarn, Wales (Hefin Owen/Flickr)

Spray Lakes in Alberta, Canada
Spray Lakes in Alberta, Canada (Thank you for visiting my page/Flickr)

Llyn Padarn, otherwise known as Lake Padarn, in Wales is so beautiful it resembles the Spray Lakes in Canada.

3. Bath

Roman Baths, Bath (Spixey/Flickr)

Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome (Dennis Jarvis/Flickr)

Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 54 and 55 BC and there are remnants of Roman history in Bath. Visit the Roman Baths and pretend you’re in Rome…

4. Lake District

Lake District.
Lake District (Pete Bellis/Flickr)

Åkrafjorden (Randi Hausken/Flickr)

Norway is a beautiful country, good thing the Lake District is stunning too. Just sit back and pretend that you’re in Åkrafjorden…

5. Swansea

Rhossili Bay.
Rhossili Bay (Nigel’s Europe & beyond/Flickr)

Harbour Bay, Bahamas (Mike’s Birds/Flickr)

Rhossili Bay in Swansea is a hidden Caribbean paradise apparently, just make sure you go when it’s hot otherwise your beach holiday fantasy will be quickly ruined.

6. Torquay

Torquay, Devon (edwin.11/Flickr)

Channel Islands National Park, California.
Channel Islands, California (Ken Lund/Flickr)

Another beautiful coastal area in the UK makes our list. This time Torquay in Devon. Squint hard enough and you could be in California.

7. Cotswolds

Cotswolds (Kumweni/Flickr)

Switzerland (Francisco Antunes/Flickr)

The beautiful Cotswolds closely resemble the countryside of Switzerland, as you can see.

8. Pembrokeshire

Pwll Deri Bay, Pembrokeshire.
Pwll Deri Bay, Pembrokeshire (David Evans/Flickr)

Darwin's Lake on Isabela Island
Darwin’s Lake on Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands  (John Solaro/Flickr)

Okay, you won’t get to see the famous finches if you visit Pwll Deri Bay in Pembrokeshire instead of the Galapagos Islands, but you’ll get the same amount of beauty…

9. Yorkshire

Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire (Thomas Tolkien/Flickr)

New Zealand.
Abel Tasman Coastal Walk, New Zealand (zwennie/Flickr)

Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire is a hidden treasure and the rugged coastline reminds us of Abel Tasman in New Zealand.

10. Shetland Islands

St Ninian's beach, Shetland Islands, Scotland
Shetland Islands, Scotland (Karen Bryan/Flickr)

Carmel Beach.
Carmel Beach, California (dannymac15_1999/Flickr)

There aren’t many times Scotland can be compared to California but you have to admit the Shetland Islands are just as beautiful as any American beach.

11. Dorset

Durdle Door, Dorset.
Durdle Door, Dorset (Lies Thru a Lens/Flickr)

Cales Coves.
Cales Coves, Menorca (Miguel Escobar Gómez/Flickr)

Isn’t Durdle Door in Dorset beautiful? It looks like a beach that wouldn’t be out of place in Spain…