Too much stuff to pack and not enough room in your suitcase? Yes, we’ve all been there.

What if we told you it is possible to pack everything you will ever need for your long vacation into one carry-on luggage?

Yes, it sounds hard to believe but one woman has shown that it CAN be done – by demonstrating how to fit more than a hundred items (including four pairs of shoes and at least 23 items of clothing), into a carry-on bag.

In a YouTube video for Biaggi Luggage, actress and traveller Rachel Grant (aka, packing ninja) shows how to pack basically everything you’ll ever need into your hand luggage.

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Her handy tips include using elastic bands, packing cubes and ziplock bags, rolling clothes to save space, folding similar shaped clothes together and stuffing shoes with folded sock balls.

We can’t guarantee whether your clothes might need a good old iron when you unpack or your carry-on bag might exceed the flight weight restrictions, but folks, it can be done.