Litter is bad. No one likes litter. It is, quite literally, a mess. So we’ve been told there is going to be a nationwide campaign to clean the UK’s streets ahead of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

It’s called… wait for it… “Clean for the Queen”.

It’s fair to say that those pesky politically-minded sorts on Twitter have generally taken against the idea. Not the idea of cleaning up litter, but the idea of doing it to honour a nonagenarian royal overlord.

Here are some of the internet eyebrows being raised. (We’ve omitted most obscene language and all mention of guillotines.)

1. Aren’t there any better reasons to pick up litter?

2. Are the Queen’s nearest and dearest – or even her ministers – going to be partaking in this cleaning spree?

3. Since when did litter-picking become such a political statement?

4. This smacks a little of… deeply ingrained societal inequality, no?

5. Is this some kind of medieval reassertion of power by the monarchy?

6. Maybe there’s a more systemic issue to be addressed here…?

7. Hang on! We still have a Queen?!

8. Or maybe THIS is part of a plot to topple the Queen…!

9. Although some of Liz’s subjects have already embraced this #CleanForTheQueen thing with great enthusiasm