A teenage fan who got Jeremy Corbyn’s face permanently etched into his back does not regret getting inked.

Kierran Horsfield got a tattoo of the Labour leader’s face below his right shoulder in November 2015, when Corbyn was riding on the crest of popular grassroots support that saw him elected party leader with almost 60% of the vote.

The 19-year-old from York said he was “definitely glad” he had it done, saying he believed “this man was going to do something – there was no universe in which he was just going to fizzle out.”

“I’m not the kind of person to regret anything. Worst case scenario it will become a symbol of what I did believe, but I imagine I will carry the politics of Jeremy Corbyn and even further left for a good long time, I would hope.”

Horsfield, who is currently travelling in Australia, decried the “disgusting” coup which saw most of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet resign and a vote of no confidence passed by 172 to 40.

“He’s still exactly the person that he was when I originally got my tattoo: he hasn’t taken a step back from his original politics, he’s still that people’s politician that he was in the first place and he still has a huge amount of backing from the Labour Party on the ground.”

Jeremy Corbyn
(Scott Heppell/PA)

Some 129,726 people have joined the Labour Party since the referendum vote, bringing its total membership to in excess of half a million supporters, general secretary of the Labour Party Iain McNicol said.

Horsfield said it sent a “resounding message that they still stand behind Jeremy Corbyn” and that “if that doesn’t re-solidify his mandate in the parliamentary party I don’t know what does.”

“The Parliamentary Labour Party have an obligation to their people on the ground to respect that and to maintain a united party,” he continued.

“The idea that Jeremy Corbyn is driving a wedge in the Labour party, with the majority of support of the membership, is outrageous. The wedge is being driven by the disgraceful coup against him after the Brexit.”