What the papers say – July 23

The latest on Carl Beech’s court case and the Conservative leadership race lead Tuesday’s papers.

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Last updated: 23 July 2019 - 1.22am

The conviction of Carl Beech for falsifying a lurid story of a murderous paedophile ring are on the front of many of the papers on Tuesday.

The Times leads with the verdict against Beech, writing that Labour deputy leader Tom Watson should apologise to the victims of his lies. Mr Watson wrote in 2015 that it was a “travesty” that Lord Brittan, later cleared, would “never be asked the truth” after Beech made allegations.

The Daily Telegraph also leads with the conviction of Beech, writing there are “serious questions” about the role of Scotland Yard and Mr Watson in his “deceit”.

The Daily Mail says Scotland Yard is “in the dock” after Beech was found guilty, with his “outlandish lies” leading to a “disastrous investigation that saw homes raided and loves ruined without a shred of evidence”.

The Metro carries the same story, saying Beech – known as Nick – “conned the Met”.

While the Daily Express says Beech “made a mockery of justice”.

Elsewhere, the Guardian writes that Conservative leadership hopeful Boris Johnson is heading for a “collision” with Parliament over his hardline stance on Brexit.

The Daily Mirror says Mr Johnson is “facing the wrath” of former PMs Sir John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown on his no-deal Brexit plans.

The i leads with the headline “Boris Johnson 24 hours from Downing Street”, and reporting that “several” senior Conservatives are ready to leave.

The Independent writes of a potential “constitutional crisis” if Mr Johnson presses ahead with no-deal Brexit plans.

The Financial Times turns its attention to the Gulf, with Jeremy Hunt calling for a Europe-led mission to protect ships in the area.

And the Daily Star returns to the tale of a seagull who snatched a pet dog, picturing what the paper calls “the prime suspeck”.

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