Man’s best friend took pride of place in Westwinster this morning as a gaggle of MPs voted for the prize of Westminster Dog of the Year. MPs including Andrea Jenkyns, Alec Shelbrooke and Rebecca Pow led their political pups through a series of obstacles in a bid to win the prestigious title.

Never mind that we’re potentially going to be much worse off after this tax credits malarkey, our tampons are still being taxed and another Budget is looming in less than a month; there are dogs to be played with.

Hugo Squire’s pooch Rocco scooped the “Paw-blic Vote” award, while Chris Matheson and his rescue pup Caspar came third, Penny Mordaunt and armed defences dog Carla second and Andrea Jenkyns with her puppies Lady and Godiva triumphed in first place.

But it’s not about the winning. It’s about taking part. And being adorable. Here are 11 of the cutest pups at the show.

1. David Warburton borrowed a rescue pup for the occasion, although had a little trouble persuading him to get on board with the assault course.

2. Here’s runner-up Carla, who looks pretty thrilled by all the attention.

3. These two cuties belong to Alex Shelbrooke. We won’t comment on their namesakes.

4. Here’s rescue pooch Casper, who scooped third place with Chris Matherson.

5. Big and bouncy Sam had plenty of energy for fun (although he didn’t seem terribly interested in the course, sorry Onn).

6. Henry Smith’s beagle Frisbee was far more intrigued by Sam’s bottom than he was in crawling through a tube. Although he is absolutely adorable, so we’ll forgive him.

7. This is Rocco (not Teddy, doggy name mix up going on here), a friendly little cockapoo belonging to Hugo Squire.

8. Winston pulled a pensive pose on the lead of Craig Williams.

9. Rescue pup Dennis accompanied Guto Bebb to the competition (can we all just take a moment to appreciate that blue jumper).

10. Nigel Adams’s Evie was happy to pose for snaps.

11. Last but certainly not least, Rebecca Pow carried around lovely little rescue dog Sir Wellington, who donned a rather fetching red sweater for the occasion.