Twitter user @tatehill_ has made a thread of some truly hilarious gifs – just ’cause.

The subject matter is the American infomercial or “as seen on TV” advert, which sees humans being undone by the most entertainingly benign situations – the sections before they reveal their game changing product.

Such as…

1. Using a tape measure

2. Touching your feet

3. Cleaning windows

4. Using a washing machine

5. Walking on a bathmat

6. Cleaning your car

7. Cleaning your dog

8. Turning on a light

9. Sitting in a chair

10. Walking in the home

11. Using Tupperware

12. Using a food processor

13. Opening a kitchen cupboard

14. Eating food

If you’d like to see more from Tate’s thread, which goes to a whopping 44 gifs, you can – here.