If you’ve ever wanted to measure your “Englishness”, a newly released list of typical English traits will help you.

The 25 characteristics, including a love of queuing and attempting DIY on a bank holiday, have been revealed on St George’s Day to celebrate everything English.

Have a look at the list of characteristics to decide how quintessentially English you are:

1. Talking about the weather

Rain in England
It’s such a miserable day, eh? (Lewis Whyld/PA)

2. Eating fish and chips

3. Indulging in Sunday roasts

4. Putting the kettle on when the going gets tough

Pop the kettle on love (Yui Mok/PA)

5. Drinking copious amounts of tea

6. Being great at queuing

7. Apologising unnecessarily, eg, when someone bumps into you

8. A love of pubs

English pub
Fancy a pint? (Yui Mok/PA)

9. Bacon butties

10. Keeping a stiff upper lip

11. Being patriotic and proud of where you live

St George flag
This patriotic house in Rochester sparked a controversial tweet from MP Emily Thornberry (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

12. Calling dinner time ‘teatime’

13. Having a witty sense of humour

14. Preparing for failure every World Cup

15. Enjoying a good bargain

Sale sign
We love a good bargain (Lauren Hurley/PA )

16. Speaking English when abroad but using it very loudly and very slowly

17. A love of a good moan

18. A fondness for fry-ups

English breakfast
Feeling hungry? (Chris Radburn/PA)

19. Enjoying gardening

20. A civilised afternoon tea

21. Being overly polite

22. Talking about the journey or traffic

Traffic jam
Isn’t the traffic terrible? (Andy Butterton/PA)

23. Dedication to watching a TV soap series for years

24. Doing DIY on a bank holiday

25. Putting on summer clothes and sunglasses at the first glimpse of sunshine (even when it’s still freezing cold)

The list was compiled to mark the release of Carole Matthew’s new novel, The Cake Shop In The Garden.