There’s a piece of graffiti on a wall in Shoreditch, east London, which is quite simply genius.

It’s essentially the Top Trumps card game for President Trump, geddit?

(Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

And it turns out there’s some other brilliant anti-Trump graffiti around the world.

Street artist 281_Anti Nuke has put out his Trump critical stickers around Tokyo.

Trump as the poop emoji has been spotted in New York.

It’s by the artist Hanksy.

What about Trump with a Snapchat filter?

Any less scary?

These are the work of Melbourne-based artist Lushsux, FYI. Talk about love trumps hate.

He also did Trump as Batman baddie Bane.

And there’s more by Lushsux.

In fact, Melbourne seems to be a hub for anti-Trump graffiti.

Trump’s popped up in Spain.

In Mexico City, he appears to have been turned into a clown in the name of graffiti.

Then there’s this Trump-Putin mural in Lithuania.

Lastly, a protest mural has appeared in street-art-filled San Francisco.

Suddenly feeling inspired to get all arty?