Donald Trump has given his first formal news conference after winning the presidency to discuss the future of his business empire.

Speaking from his stomping ground at the Trump Tower in New York, the president-elect faced the press the same day as unverified documents were leaked about his relationship with Russia and what’s became #Watersportsgate. It also fell just one day after Barack Obama bid America farewell from his hometown of Chicago.

And it seems Trump, who probably would’ve wanted to restore hope in the country following the end of Obama’s presidential term, achieved the complete opposite – his conference only seemed to make citizens miss Obama more.

Obama appears to have left a void in many people’s lives, one that Donald Trump will have to work a little harder to fill.

Many thought Trump, unlike his predecessor, seemed unprepared and inarticulate – a stark contrast to Obama’s moving speech on Tuesday.

Trump will officially be sworn into office on January 20 and for some, the news only seemed to be sinking in to Americans now…