The total cost of the Airports Commission recommendation for a new runway to be built at Heathrow comes in a £17.6 billion. On top of that there would be money needed to upgrade road and rail links.

Part of the cost would be in buying up 738 homes in the villages of Harmondsworth, Longford and Sipson. The report recommends that residents should be compensated at full market value by 25% and reasonable costs.

Here we get to grips with the numbers behind the proposal.

Graphic on the costs of building third runway at Heathrow airport

The report also states that £1 billion should be spent on compensating the community living near Heathrow from disruption caused by the construction and operation of a new runway.

While some welcomed the recommendation, others are still opposed to the growth of Heathrow, with Mayor of London and Tory MP Boris Johnson saying “it’ll never happen”. Gatwick airport, which also wants to expand, says it’s still in with a chance of being the preferred option to increase aviation capacity in the South East, with the final decision left with the Government.