As expected, Google dominated in the first part of the this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions as Jeremy Corbyn went in with the tech giant’s tax deal with the UK Government.

First up, the Labour leader asked David Cameron whether he agreed with Google paying just 3% tax on its profits in the UK.

However, Cameron had an answer up his sleeve as he shifted the blame to the Labour government, saying that they were taxes which should have been collected several years ago.

Let’s just say round one went to Cameron.

Cameron may have played his cards well on that one, but when Corbyn put forward a question on behalf of a ‘gentleman called Jeff’ asking if there is a scheme for him that pays the same rate of tax as Google, we were pretty impressed.

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn (BBC screenshot)

Jeff = sass.

But did Corbyn manage to make the best use of his questions on Google?

One thing’s for sure, we seem to be on board with what Jeff wants. In fact, we want it for ourselves.