One little girl had a slightly more exciting day than most four-and-a-half-year-olds when she had a go at doing a weather forecast for Channel 5.

Olive Holloway’s dad Adrian is a studio director at the Met Office and, predictably, she loves the weather.

So, when she saw the green screen studio while visiting her dad’s work on Tuesday she decided to go in front of the camera. And obviously it’s adorable.

“So, it’s going to be raining all day,” she says, while not looking best pleased about it.

“And it’s going to stay around this side, and that side. So there, and there. It’s going to be wet.”

She then adds: “I think it’s going to be just windy all day.”

But she also tells viewers it’s going to be “a bit sunny at the top”, complete with some animated hand movements (and a few prompts from dad in the background). And at the end, her mum and baby brother Sid get a special shout out – n’awwww.

A screengrab from Olive’s adorable forecast (5 News/Twitter)

Channel 5 weather presenter Clare Nasir told us Olive was 100% confident with her performance.

“She’s a natural” she said. “She enunciates really well, and there was no beating about the bush.

“My job’s in jeopardy!”

And other people on Twitter seem impressed with Olive’s skills too.

Maybe this will be Olive one day in the future?

clare nasir
Clare Nasir presenting the weather live on TV (5 News)