There’s been a late entry to the weirdest Twitter spats of 2016 contest and it comes in from politician Michael Gove and restaurant critic Jay Rayner. Intrigued?

It all began when Rayner tweeted this innocent-enough-seeming tweet about trying to shift some sales of his book, The Ten (Food) Commandments, before Christmas.

Realistically he might have expected a bit of stick from people on Twitter for such shameless self-promotion, but he probably didn’t expect the former secretary of state to wade in and have a pop.

But he did with the cryptic comment: “All above board”.

Hmm. Rayner responded, confused.

To which he got this sassy reply.

Which was volleyed back with this valid response.

And then Gove seemed to conclude his argument with this.

And people just found the whole interaction a bit odd really.

And loads of people managed to compare it to the EU referendum and all the drama that came with it.

Even First Dates’ maitre D Fred had something to say.

So yep, no one’s over Brexit just yet.