The Government has reportedly decided not to commission a Royal Yacht using taxpayers’ money.

This is something you might not have realised was of political importance, but it was a matter of hot debate in the House of Commons.

Oh Angus.

The idea behind the proposed yacht was to act as a spearhead for post-Brexit trade talks, but International Trade Minister Mark Garnier has said the Government had “no plans and has had no plans” to commission a replacement for the existing yacht, the Britannia.

Despite this, Garnier said he would be “very keen” to see a business plan for one, made by MPs.

The Britannia when it was in use in 1996
The Britannia was taken out of service in 1997 and is now a tourist attraction in Leith, Edinburgh (Royal Navy/PA)

There is a strong support for the idea from the Conservative Party, with more than 100 Tory MPs calling for a panel to be set up to examine the case for a new vessel. Suggestions from the group of MPs include the use of the UK’s overseas aid budget to help run it.

The debate in Parliament attracted a lot of attention from the public, some of whom questioned the economic sense of the plan.

Some think the Conservatives may have become out of touch.

Meanwhile others question why Theresa May has said Brexit cannot be debated in Parliament, yet the plans for a royal yacht can.

Others don’t mind the idea, however. Funny, that…