The hashtag Museum101 asked museums to showcase the creepiest and most bizarre items they house in their collections – and boy did they deliver.

Here, we count down the 10 best entries – or should that be worst?

10. These critters chilling in a stomach

What did the horse do to deserve this – and why does it look like the botfly larvae are smiling?

9. The Museum of English Rural Life’s creepy dolls

Eyes as dark as their soul – but wait until you see their hands.

Send for help.

8. This clown from Leeds

Just not a character you’d want round for a kids’ party.

7. This self-portrait made of blood

How is Marc standing exactly?

6. This disembodied hand keeping it real

Gnarly. No genuinely, we know it’s made of wax but that’s genuinely a gnarled hand.

That or the model was supposed to depict someone who just scored for France – give it to them, Antoine Griezmann.

Sporza GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

Nailed it.

5. Almost the worst taxidermy ever

Ah to die in dignity. This is probably not okay.

4. Probably the worst taxidermy ever

This is definitely not okay.

3. These wax models with pins in their face

Whoever made this was barking up the wrong tree.


Not sorry.

2. This wild beast playing the violin

No need for sinister strings music – this creature brought its own.

Why is it hosting a tea party, what on earth type of creature is it – we guess it’s a mammal – and why is it staring into our soul? There’s many questions here – too many.

1. This monkey chef and his friends

A monkey automaton
(Just Collecting)

The one you’ve been waiting for. For our top spot this is one of a collection of entries from the site Just Collecting – and what makes them really sinister is they’re automatons, so they actually move.

The example above is a musical automaton which is apparently supposed to depict a monkey pastry chef cooking his neighbour’s cat. The piece from 1885 is also worth more than £10,000. Before you let that sink in – wait, there’s more.

Monkey playing piano
(Just Collecting)

Another musical monkey. This one’s all fancy and plays piano – imagine stumbling across this and it started playing.

Mortifying. There’s even more though – such as this other monkey smoking a cigarette, obviously.

Monkey with a cigarette
(Just Collecting)

Perfectly normal. There’s a fancy-looking moon smoking too.

The moon smoking a cigarette
(Just Collecting)

At least his monocle means he’s classy.

Oh, then there’s this.

A bizarre model
(Just Collecting)

According to the site, this piece features “a winged clown teasing the Moon with a beetle on a string”.

There’s really nothing more to be said.

For the full list of these rather sinister automatons – click here.