If Nigel Farage wanted to leave an impression on the viewing public during the ITV debate on Tuesday night he managed it – all thanks to his passport.

The Ukip leader was forced to defend his views on immigration in the face of a string of hostile questions from audience members and in order to make a point at one stage fumbled around in his pockets before producing his passport and brandished it as a prop.

Twitter went into overdrive as Farage declared: “This should be a British passport. It says European Union on it.”

Farage’s claim that the re-introduction of a British passport was, however, lost on some Twitter people.

But if that confused some viewers it seemed as though the whole debate offered little clarity for most.

Prime Minister David Cameron arguably cut a more composed figured – at one point Farage told a member of the audience to “calm down” – but neither emerged as a clear winner.

Farage’s tetchy exchange with the audience member did draw a number of comments.

And he confused a few people when he was questioned about what a Brexit would mean for the pharmaceuticals industry in Britain.

Farage’s slot was more tense than Cameron’s with audience members speaking over him and at one point Farage was left to say: “You’re not listening are you?”

Some Twitter users were angry the Ukip leader was not given his chance to fully have his say.

We hope it helped you decide which way to vote!