The Republican Party has just announced details of its Obamacare replacement policy, and it has been mercilessly mocked on Twitter for being worse than the original.

Donald Trump partially ran his campaign on the promise that he would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act that has given 20 million extra people health insurance, but which many Americans hate.

The resulting Twitter joke was to show two pictures side by side – the original, plus a worse version of it.

No-one could take Gene Wilder’s crown, especially not Johnny Depp playing, well, himself, in the 2005 Charlie And The Chocolate Factory reboot.

There were obvious differences to point out between Obama and Trump themselves.

What about a classical art version?

Remember the iconic 90s movie Clueless? That was great.

What about the wannabe TV series that followed, featuring only two of the actors from the film? Not so much.

Speaking of the 90s, the original Aunt Viv played by Janet Hubert-Whitten in the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was irreplaceable.

And yet she was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid from season four. Just like Obamacare.

Dodgy Simpsons merch proved a popular theme.

Others pointed out the more serious side of the insurance changes, claiming it would strip people of their coverage and lead to more deaths.

Okay, that one’s not so fun.

And then everyone realised there were probably better things to be doing.

Now we feel bad.