The surprising trend of adult colouring-in books isn’t under threat because of a global pencil shortage, a leading pencil manufacturer has said.

Reports have claimed the growing demand for colour pencils and crayons has led to a possible shortage after a leading illustrator said she’d been receiving messages saying fans were struggling to find the right pencils.

However, the world’s leading wood pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell said whilst the trend has led to a “significant increase” in production, they “are not seeing a shortage”.

A person colours in

Colouring or art therapy is said to be a calming exercise, with thousands of adults seeking to relieve stress in the form of reverting to a childhood activity.

The craze received high profile backing in the UK after TV property expert Kirstie Allsopp called colouring books the perfect antidote to the business of modern life.

Emily Stone, spokeswoman for Faber-Castell, said: “We are not seeing a pencil shortage, but our production has increased significantly compared to the previous year thanks to the colouring trend.”

Colouring in pencils

It comes after illustrator Johanna Basford, 32, whose colouring-in books have been bestsellers, told the Sunday Telegraph she was receiving messages from fans in New Zealand and Australia saying there are “big shortages” of pencils.

She added: “Colouring-in fans just love their pens and pencils, they become real artists. It’s really nice that something I was passionate about is now shared worldwide.”