Ed Balls spoke passionately about the future of the UK and the NHS during a hugely emotional speech after losing his seat in Morley and Outwood.

Balls was defeated, after a recount, by Tory Andrea Jenkyns who secured an extra 422 votes to take her to 18,776.

Balls’ slim majority of just 1,101 in 2010 evaporated into the Tory win.

But he was gracious in defeat, saying his opposition candidate would be a good representative for the constituency in Westminster and ultimately he believes Labour “will be back”.

Current predictions suggest that the Conservatives could form a majority government.

Balls’ wife Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, has been returned as MP for the neighbouring constituency of Normanton, Pontefract and Castlesford.

There’s many questions to be asked about Balls’ defeat because it’s an enormous loss for Labour’s front bench. He is without a doubt the most high-profile casualty of a disastrous General Election performance for Labour.

But in the land of Twitter there was only one question and theme on everyone’s lips, what’s going to happen to Ed Balls Day? Will the April 28 homage to the former MP’s Twitter gaffe now be retired?

Balls seemed close to tears when he spoke after the count. Dressed in a suit and with a party-appropriate red tie he was noticeably sporting a 5 o’clock shadow after being up all night.

And it’s fair to say Twitter will miss Ed.

But the jokes didn’t stop with his name day. There was the rather unfortunate easy way to change his name to suit his new situation…

And the suggestion that this might be a Balls up.

But even Tories were having to ask their fellow party members to reign it in.