Brandishing a Cornish pasty, Boris Johnson has launched the Brexit roadshow.

The best-known face of the Leave campaign was in Truro for the first outing of their battlebus tour.

Boris Johnson
Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson before boarding the Vote Leave campaign bus (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

But Boris’ grip on a pasty is rather ironic – since 1993, the EU has provided a framework that gives legal protection for named regional food products against imitation.

So, if we leave Europe then genuine Cornish pasties could be doomed *shocked face* (FYI, by “genuine” we mean there must be at least 12.5% beef and 25% vegetables inside the pastry – oh, and if it’s not crimped, it’s not Cornish).

The Cornish Pasty Association said: “In terms of the protected status of the Cornish pasty in the event of Britain leaving the EU, the CPA’s understanding is that the EU does have a system where arrangements can be made with countries outside the EU, but the CPA is unable to comment further at this time about the potential outcome”.

It wasn’t just pasties that the former London mayor brandished when he plunged into the food and craft market on Lemon Quay, glad-handing somewhat bewildered stall-holders and surrounded by a mob of cameras and reporters.

At one point he also emerged triumphantly from a vegetable stall clutching a large bunch of asparagus.

Boris Johnson
Been shopping, Boris? (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

He declared that even if Britain is outside the European Union, “they will be just as sprouting and just as delicious”.