People have been admitting the dumbest misconceptions they had when they were younger.

And while you might be able to empathise with some of the confusion – we all questioned how people managed to get inside our TVs, right? – some of the childish ideas being shared on Reddit are bound to flummox you.

Here are some of the oddest misconceptions people had before they grew up and realised, well, how silly they’d been. (No offence…)

tv remote
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“That the actors in tv shows were small people who had to go from tv to tv at light speed so everyone could watch the show at the same time.”

– Theoneicommentwith

“I wanted to work at Burger King when I was little because I thought cashiers made all the money in the register.”

– flipadelphia22

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“White cows produced white milk, brown cows produced chocolate milk, and black cows produced strawberry milk; if the cows drank a different flavor of milk, they would then produce that kind of milk.”

– jajuub

“I thought the whole country was a fan of the Atlanta Braves and that other baseball teams just existed to play the Braves.”

– bachemazar

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“I used to think the laugh tracks on TV shows were the laughs of everyone watching the show at the same time.. Like the TV was recording everyones laughs…”

– pregnant_dog

“I thought I could communicate with the people on TV by putting my mouth on the TV speaker and talking. Wonder Woman never flew her invisible jet to my house, despite repeated requests.”

– sincewedidthedo

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“Those sesame seeds on a bun. I thought if you plant one on the ground that it would grow into a cheeseburger. So in my mind I was imagining a garden full of cheeseburgers.”

– AstheticColt

“That you’re just given the job you want when you get older.”

– roastbeefyaweefy

traffic lights
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“That a tiny man lived in traffic lights and would switch the colors.”

– thegigglepicker

“I assumed that you automatically had a baby when you got married, which I really didn’t want as a four year-old.

“When my mom told me that getting married didn’t mean you had to have a baby, I assumed that the way you stopped a baby from happening was shouting “I DON’T WANT A BABY” at some point during your wedding.”

– azumane

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“Money laundering was meant to literally clean money.”

– Krocant

“I thought brown cows were bears. I knew the white and black ones were cows but I would scream whenever I saw a brown one. I knew my parents were lying to me saying they were cows so I’d stay calm.”

– Surinical

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“I thought writing my name on a floppy disk, the PC would allow only me to play the game and not my brother. For a whole year, every weekend my brother would prove me wrong.”

– sabk2001

“First off, I’m Danish.

“Growing up, I was very confused why people spoke any other language than Danish. I thought it was very confusing and stupid that people would bother to translate Danish all the time, just so they could speak in a different way…

“Basically, I thought Danish was the default language, that everyone was born with, and thought it was stupid that people would bother inventing other languages.”

– yaradahl

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“I thought crackers were some edible form of wood.”

– sandscript

“I thought that traffic jams were caused because all traffic was actually a parade and at the front of the parade were dinosaurs.
And sometimes the dinosaurs were slow.”


(Chris Jackson/PA)

“That because I have the same first name as the Queen of England I could be in line for the throne.”

– LizT4Y

“I thought the pineapple on pizza was fancy cheese. worst part? i remember telling my mom about how this cheese tasted like pineapple.”

– rroperr

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“My parents wear glasses and I thought that if you put it on upside down, the world would flip upside down too.

“I learnt that that was not true when I had to get glasses of my own.”

– chongccino

“I thought we were “human beans” and started as beans and then turned into humans when we got a little older.”


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