A woman went to a popular London drag night dressed as Theresa May and people absolutely loved it.

Hannah May, 30, from east London, said she was mobbed by people throughout the night at Sink The Pink at the Troxy in Limehouse, including one who shouted: “Get in the wheat!”

Hannah, who is no relation to the Prime Minister, said she was inspired to make the costume – complete with wig, gold chain, smeared mascara and a “strong and stable” lapel – in the wake of the previous day’s election results.

“The theme was Children of the Revolution,” she said. “With the unexpected result, I thought sad Theresa May was the perfect outfit choice.”

Asked what people said after spotting the outfit, she said: “‘Strong and stable’ was the order of the day… So much ‘strong and stable’.”

A photo showing her costume has since been shared on the popular FB event Theresa May’s Leaving Drinks.



Does she feel bad for the PM after her election disappointment? Not exactly.

“She’s done real damage to this country so deserves all the ridicule she can get,” Hannah said.

“I’m going to go as Philip Davies next time.”