Pigeons, cows and deer are among animals that have caused more than £600,000 of damage to vehicles belonging to people over the age of 50.

The biggest culprits were unruly deer that have caused more than £360,000 of damage in the past 12 months, according to analysis of Saga Car Insurance claims data.

The company said one policyholder was returning home when a deer darted into the road and the resulting head-on collision put the customer's car out of action with £4,000 of repair costs.

A customer had a lucky escape when travelling on the motorway, as a pigeon flew across the carriageway and collided with their vehicle.

While the driver was able to carry on with his journey, he was left with £1,000 of damage.

Another policyholder parked their vehicle in a farmer's field - much to the curiosity of some cattle that surrounded the vehicle.

When the owner's dog barked from inside the car, the frightened cows kicked out before running away, causing almost £1,000 of damage.

One driver was returning home when a dog ran into the road and, unable to swerve in time, the collision caused £2,500 of damage.

Another policyholder was left in disbelief when four escaped horses galloped towards his vehicle as he journeyed to the shops.

One of the horses collided with the vehicle, smashing the bumper, headlights, wing mirror and doors, causing £5,000 of damage and putting the customer's car out of action.

Another customer was on his way to work when a badger jumped out of the bushes at the side of the road and collided with his car.

The startled commuter was left stranded with almost £2,400 of damage to his vehicle.

Saga's Paul Green said: "It appears that animal antics can cause mayhem for motorists."