BBC Three has unveiled a new-look logo which has drawn comparisons with one produced in a TV show which spoofed the internal workings of the corporation.

The last series of the BBC TV parody W1A, which starred Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes, showed the characters talking through the re-branding of the traditional BBC logo.

The channel's head of marketing, Niki Carr, explained its new pink and white logo in a blog post, commenting that: "Thanks to W1A we're cursed at the BBC when it comes to marketing."

Carr also referenced one of the characters from the TV show, adding: "I don't want to come across all Siobhan Sharpe but forgive me some lingo."

She went on to explain that the new "visual identity" brings the new BBC Three together, adding: "This visual identity will underpin what we do in the future."

Feedback from viewers on social media ranged from comparisons with W1A to others saying it looked like "Roman numerals" with an exclamation mark.

Carr said: "It's easy to belittle the importance a logo has in supporting a brand, and I'm sure the usual critics will have their say - 'It looks like Adidas', 'It looks like a hamburger menu icon', 'It doesn't even say three', 'Are they Roman numerals' - but If I'm being honest I'm not worried.

"Some people are resistant to change and we wanted to be bold and create something that looks forward and will be around for years to come."

She also confirmed that the channel would "switch over" on February 16.

In November 2015 it was announced the channel would move online permanently.

Hit shows like Don't Tell The Bride will also be moving, as it was announced the popular reality TV series will move to Sky 1.