Deserted banqueting halls and empty ballrooms are just some of the once-majestic rooms photographed by an urban explorer who has visited more than 100 abandoned hotels.

Thomas Windisch’s intriguing photos reveal a forgotten world behind no entry signs – now dilapidated buildings engulfed in swathes of dust and moss, or broken glass.

“I just stood there for several minutes and was like ‘Wow, this is amazing,” the 32-year-old Austrian, who has travelled 12,000 miles while exploring what were once Europe’s finest hotels, said.

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“It’s pretty awesome to see areas of a hotel that are normally not accessible for guests and to understand how a big hotel works in the background.

“And of course, the decay and the reclaiming of these buildings by nature add a bit of a surreal and mystic touch which makes them unique and even more interesting.”

Windisch believes some of the buildings he has visited have been lying empty for more than two decades.

Photo credits: Caters News

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