A calf found abandoned in Virginia, US, is learning to walk again after being fitted with two prosthetic legs.

The future didn’t look too rosy for Hero after he lost both hind legs to frostbite, reports KAGS TV.

But that was before his plight was brought to the attention of Texan-based animal lover Kitty Martin.

She called hundreds of vets in and around Virginia before discovering that the people best placed to help her were back in her home state of Texas - 1,400 miles from the stricken animal.

Undeterred, Martin managed to transport Hero to the veterinary department of A&M University in College Station, Texas.


"I brought him out here not knowing whether he was going to be going to his death sentence," Martin told the local news channel.

"We almost lost him along the way. He went critical and was in ICU for a day or two.

"If they felt that it was against the quality of life that he would put down ... and I had no idea whether he was going to walk out here or not, but I loved him that much to take a chance."

Thankfully the chance paid off and Hero's surgery was a huge success.

"We got totally healthy skin to cover the whole bottom of the stump,” said Dr Ashlee Watts, Assistant Professor of Large Animal Surgery at Texas A&M.

“We also were able to bring the tendons around so that we had a nice cushion so it wasn't bone on skin touching the prosthetic.”

Hero went home with his permanent prosthetic legs on Tuesday and will only have to return for some readjustments to his new legs as he grows.