Coca-Cola has been forced to withdraw their latest Fanta advert in Germany. All they did was refer to “the good old times” during which Fanta was created. Doesn’t seem much does it?

But Fanta was developed in Germany in 1941 during the “good old times” of the Third Reich. Back then there was difficulty finding supplies available to produce coke.

The advert, commissioned to honour the drink’s 75th anniversary, ends on the unfortunate line: “Good like before… just today.”

And it wasn’t even Coca-Cola’s first Nazi-themed gaffe this year.

Last month, the company was tricked by Gawker into tweeting portions of Hitler’s Mein Kampf during a social media campaign for the Superbowl.

A Coca-Cola spokesperson told the Express that the ad was meant to “evoke positive childhood memories” and was never intended to cause offence.