A disabled puppy born without his front legs has been given a new lease of life thanks to a prosthetic wheelchair made from skateboard wheels.

The video above shows nine-week-old Chihuahua Turbo-Roo getting used to his new set of wheels and reveals his story so far.

Turbo-Roo’s chances were not looking good after his owners could not look after him.

But luckily for the petite pooch, vet technician Ashley Looper fell in love with the pup when he was brought into Downtown Veterinary in Indianapolis, US.

“It was love at first sight, he captured our hearts immediately,” Looper said.

“I made him his first harness from a toy plane we had in the clinic lobby.

“But we soon realised it was too flimsy and was not going to hold him up.”

San Diego-based designed Mark Dewrick heard of Turbo-Roo’s plight after photos of him were shared online and he immediately sent a custom-made wheelchair for the little dog.

When he is not wearing his prosthetic, Looper puts the dog in a sock with a hole in the end to protect his chest from the ground.

She said: “I’m not surprised he has become so popular online, he captured our hearts immediately.

“You can see his personality shine through in the pictures, he’s just an adorable little puppy.”

Video credit: Barcroft Media