Gardeners across the UK are being offered the chance to vote for the gnome leader of the Garden Party.

Each of the figures - Gnome Cameron, Gnome Clegg, Gnome Farage, Gnome Miliband, Gnome Sturgeon, Gnome Wood and Gnome Bennett - come with their own ballot box, to encourage people to vote.

Their light-hearted aim is to get ideas for a "Gnomisfesto", in a bid to get the rights and interests of gardeners represented, and then present it to Parliament. They are campaigning for policies such as bigger sheds and greener grass.

The rosy-cheeked characters have been unveiled by B&Q which is running snap polls across the UK to help green-fingered Brits decide who to elect as leader of The Garden Party.

To kick-start the first of many snap polls around the UK, the retailer hosted a "mini-election" at its Sutton store in south-west London, and will now go on a national tour to help the public make a decision on who to lead their garden.