A soggy moggy proved not all cats hate getting wet when he took to swimming like a duck to water.

Rescue cat Roy has been trying out hydrotherapy for his owner Polly Noviss, a veterinarian nurse, who plans to start offering the alternative medicine to felines.

“Some cats will not like hydrotherapy but Roy loves it,” said the 30-year-old.

“He has jumped into the bath with me a couple of times and always wants to be in the shower.

“I do think he thinks he’s a dog. Roy doesn’t need hydrotherapy, he is a guinea pig so we can figure out what works.”

Hydrotherapy uses water for natural relief and treatment of pain from conditions such as arthritis. It is already widely available for dogs, with practitioners claiming it benefits the pets’ muscles and blood flow.

Noviss adopted Roy after he was brought into the veterinary practice where she works at in Little Coxwell, Oxfordshire. She also has five horses, two tortoises, two guinea pigs, a rabbit and three dogs – who also swim.

As soon as she realised the stray ginger pussy was a water baby, she had him doing lengths of the swimming pool at The Dog Studio, near Swindon.

“Roy doesn’t have a fear of anything, he is such a bold cat. Last week I even saw him on the back of one of my horses,” she added.

“He is a very energetic cat, he goes for a 20-minute swim and when we get home he has his treats and food and is out of the door again, catching rats.”

The Dog Studio is planning to open classes in early 2015, and Noviss claims that she already has a long waiting list of clients who want hydrotherapy for their cats.

Photo credit: Barcroft Media