Breakfast routines may have just become a little easier - or at least a lot more fun - with a range of wacky inventions unveiled by Kelloggs.

Visitors to London's Cereal Killer Cafe got the first chance to try out 'wearable brek', a food-based take on the trend for wearable tech.

As well as a spoon that measures how many mouthfuls you take, breakfast fans could try out a hat-mounted crane that scoops cereal into a bowl and then injects milk over it.

The prototypes were created by Dominic Wilcox whose previous off-the-wall designs include a stained-glass car, shoes with a built in GPS that guide you back home and a giant listening device that lets you hear the sounds of the city.

His cereal helping designs include:

:: The Robowl - a personal flying robot drone that doubles up as a handy helper.

:: The Crane Head Cereal Serving Device - a hands-free helmet that allows you to dig into a cereal packet and serve into a bowl and dispense milk.

:: The Soggy-O-Meter - a gadget that sets off an alarm when your cereal reaches your preferred level of sogginess.

:: The e-Spoon - a spoon that lights up when you've had 14 spoonfuls of cereal.