Tales of foreign objects found in our food seem more and more common these days and it’s hard to get through a week of reading the news without seeing someone’s disgusting find.

So, from creepy crawlies - dead or alive - to hand wipes and even human teeth, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most disgusting things people have found in their grub.

Girl finds eight maggots in supermarket’s own brand boil-in-the-bag rice

This week, a 12-year-old girl found eight maggots in a sealed bag of Morrisons’ own-brand boil-in-the-bag rice from the Reddish branch in Greater Manchester.

The supermarket apologised to Maisy Dean and her mum Jenny Hollinshead, who regretted eating three bags from the same box already.

A woman claimed to find a human tooth in a block of cheese from the reduced section of Sainsbury’s in Coldham’s Lane, Cambridge, last June.

Jane Betts received an apology from the store and the foreign object was handed to environmental officers for investigation.

Live scorpion found in supermarket bananas

Sales assistant Angela Parren had a nasty shock when she spotted a live scorpion in a sealed packet of Fyffes bananas at Nisa Phoenix Stores in St Stephen on Easter Monday 2014.

The scorpion, which appeared to have hitched a ride from Costa Rica, found a new home at nearby Newquay Zoo in Cornwall.

South American tarantula discovered in a shipment of bananas

A stowaway South American tarantula discovered in a shipment of bananas also found a home last summer and was adopted by Drusillas Park in Alfriston, East Sussex.

Woman finds locust in Waitrose salad

But a locust wasn’t so lucky and didn’t survive a journey in a bag of Waitrose salad to the branch in Bayswater, West London.

Berenice Baker, who found the critter on her fork last April, received an apology and a free lunch.

While Baker said she wasn’t put off meat for life, a 10-year-old boy was put off grapes when a poisonous spider crawled out of some bought from Tesco last December. The child received an £100 gift card.

Tongue-eating parasite found in supermarket fish

A couple of weeks before, retired headmaster Paul Poli said he was put off fish for life after spotting a tongue-eating parasite on a sea bass bought from Morrisons in Swansea.

The supermarket apologised and gave him a bottle of wine and a £20 voucher.

KFC serves up deep-fried hand wipe

An equally stomach-churning moment of 2014 was when a seven-year-old boy nearly tucked into a deep fried paper towel in a KFC box meal in June.

The fast food chain assured Oliver Hallam’s mum Krystal Henderson staff would be retrained on food preparation in its Killingworth branch.

Grandma finds gecko in cucumber packet

In July last year a squashed gecko was found packed up with in a 39p cucumber bought from Aldi on the Isle of Wight.

Jenny Wilkinson received a £20 voucher after narrowly avoiding serving up the beast to her one-year-old grandson.

The frog found in the Waitrose bag of salad bought by Christina Carrington

More lucky on the salad front was this frog found alive in a bag of Waitrose salad in September 2012.

The mouse which was found in a tin of supermarket baked beans, by middle-aged Robert Howard, from Brockley, south-east London,. The creature had been cooked in the tin produced by HL Foods in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, for supermarket giant Sainsbury's own-brand baked beans.

In December 1997, Sainsbury’s was fined after this dead mouse was found in a tin of own-branded baked beans.

Another gross picture you may remember is this loaf of Hovis bread with part of an oven glove baked into it found by a woman in Omagh, Northern Island in January 2010. The Hovis baker was fined £750.

Rebecca Shorten with the nails found in her food

In 2008 a bride-to-be had to go to hospital after swallowing a one-inch nail in her 79p Tesco Value macaroni cheese.

The product was recalled from the shelves after she found another nail buried within the meal.

Rocky the Lizard found a new home in Scotland after surviving an epic journey from the Middle East across Europe, in a bag of salad.

A lizard named Rocky found a new home in Scotland after surviving a journey from the Middle East to Scotland in a bag of salad in October 2009.

And a spider who survived a trip from India was found lurking next to a box of grapes by a couple in Fife in March 2013.

Spider found in Asda

This spider crawled out of a bunch of bananas in Asda in Chesser, Edinburgh in February 2012.

And this beetle was also found alive in a Tesco Finest Hot Smoked Salmon Pretzel in 2007.

Woman discovers bloody band aid in takeaway meal, Jingjiang, Fujian Province, China

People from around the world have also found nasties in their food. A Chinese woman was horrified to discover this used plaster in her food after she ordered a takeaway in Jingjiang, southern China's Fujian Province in August 2010.

Glenn Franks with the pack of Butter Menthol's he bought from a store at Circular Quay in Sydney, one of which contained a Cockroach inside the wrapper.

A packet of butter Menthols came with an extra crunch when Sydneysider Glenn Franks found a cockroach inside the wrapper in April 2011.

Glenn Franks with the pack of Butter Menthol's he bought from a store at Circular Quay in Sydney, one of which contained a Cockroach inside the wrapper.

 And over in Melbourne in May 2011, a McDonald’s customer found his Big Mac was wriggling with maggots.

Leigh Savage with the Big Mac hamburger he bought from a McDonald's store in Frankston, Victoria, which he claimed contained 30 to 40 live maggots.

Maggots were also found by traveller Victoria Cleven, who found them in a packet of trail mix while on a Qantas flight, from Melbourne, Australia  in April 2012.

What's the weirdest thing you've found in your food? Let us know in the Comments below.