A police force has released a recording of a man who dialled 999 to complain he was being chased by a badger.

In a broad West Country accent, he tells the operator: "I just needed to double check if this is something that needs to be reported to you guys. I just got chased by a badger in the Yeovil area.

"Is that something you guys would need to know about?"

The puzzled female call handler asks him: "You got chased by a badger?"

The man replies: "Yeah, I was just wondering if that's something you need to be aware about. I've literally just got away."

The surprised operator says: "No, that's not something we would deal with."

The caller then goes on to ask if he should contact animal control, to which the operator replies: "Um - you could contact them. I mean, where has it gone?"

"Well, I didn't see where it went," he tells her.

"Basically, I sort of ran away and after dangling my keys a bit and sort of shouting at it a bit it ran off. It was quite vicious. It wouldn't stop running for a good, like, 20 or 30 feet."

The call handler then politely interrupts him and says: "Yeah, I'd contact them. There's nothing that we would be able to do unfortunately."

To which the man replies: "Oh right. Well, I just thought I'd better double check."

The call handler then says: "That's fine, not a problem. Glad you're OK."

The recording was released by Avon and Somerset Police alongside that of a man who dialled 999 to report that a greedy seagull had stolen his sandwich in Bristol.

In another call a woman reported the owner of a guest house where she was staying for refusing to cook breakfast.

A third person telephoned to say her seat belt in a taxi was too tight while a fourth complained that his fish and chip dinner was too expensive.

The calls were highlighted by Avon and Somerset Police as examples of "inappropriate" use of the 999 emergency service, as part of a 24-hour "tweetathon" by officers showing what they deal with every day.

One tweet said: "Man found with top off in middle of a road in Glastonbury saying he was 'basking in positive energy'. Was told to find it off road."

In another example, a man reported missing in Bath was found "safe and well" - in his own bed.

Another caller dialled 999 to speak to the Queen, while one woman rang the police to complain about the airport losing her luggage and delivering it to her neighbours, who were out.

Police also highlighted the case of the dozy car thief.

They wrote: "Thanks to the car thief who changed his profile picture on Facebook to one of him sat in a stolen vehicle! Busted."

The tweeting began at midnight on Tuesday @ASPoliceLIVE and lasted 24 hours with hundreds of updates posted from across the force area.