In the world of recruitment, it can be hard to stand out, not only as a candidate, but as an employer. One broadcast and media agency has attempted to catch the eye of job-seekers by posting a job advert seeking a “psychopathic” sales executive.
The advert – titled ‘Psychopathic New Business Media Sales Executive Superstar!’ was posted on the Guardian Jobs website on October 17. Keen candidates have a month to apply for the role.
The company, the Relations Group, is based near Elstree in Hertfordshire and is recruiting for their Radio Relations branch.
“You didn't expect to see a job ad for a psychopath did you but this is no ordinary role,” the advert reads.
“We're not looking for a psycho but for someone with some of the positive qualities that psychopaths have.”
The advert goes on to suggest that their definition of ‘positive’ psychopathic qualities are: “that they have a high sense of self-worth, are incredibly ambitious and a do-whatever-it-takes mentality.”
The candidate – “whether you are a psychopath or not” – should be a money-motivated, thick-skinned overachiever. Although the advert does add the caveat: “Criminal psychopaths need not apply!”.
Media firm seeks ‘psychopath’ for sales role
“I’m certainly not looking for the negative qualities such as compulsive lying or overly risky behaviour and make it clear that criminal tendencies are not welcome,” Adam Cox, Relations Group managing director, told the Independent.
“We still have a robust recruitment process but I’ve been impressed with the high calibre of candidates applying and most have said how refreshing they have found the job advert as it’s unconventional and is clear on the type of person we are looking for.
"I would definitely hire a person with psychopathic tendencies so long as they have the positive qualities rather than the negative or criminal."