A 10ft-long sturgeon nicknamed ‘Pig Nose’ has been caught in Fraser River, British Columbia, where the fish has swum for at least four decades.

Nick McCabe, a guide for River Monster Adventures – a company specialising in sturgeon fishing tours in British Columbia – was responsible for netting the legendary fish.

Jeff Grimolfson, McCabe’s co-guide, told Global News, that two hours were needed to catch Pig Nose – so-called because of his damaged snout.

“His name is Pig Nose and you can see why – he damaged his nose 40 years ago,” Grimolfson told Global News.

“This fish has been the talk of fishing and sporting goods shops for years.”

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River Monster Adventures’ Facebook page states the fish to be 10 feet 1 inch long, with a girth of 60 inches – that’s five feet. Grimolfson estimates Pig Nose’s age to be 80 years old, according to Global News.

‘Monster’ 10ft-long sturgeon nicknamed ‘Pig Nose’ is finally caught

Aside from his unique nose, the fish was identified through a microchip which had previously been implanted.

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Pig Nose is a white sturgeon – the largest freshwater fish species in North America. White sturgeon can reach up to 20 feet in length.

Fraser River, which Pig Nose calls home, is the longest river in British Columbia, and is a well-known spot for sturgeon fishing.  

Once the fish had been identified, Pig Nose was returned to Fraser River to swim another day.

Photo credits: River Monster Adventures