A series of mysterious ‘loud bangs’ set the internet alight with speculation after they were heard all over the UK and across the pond in New York on Saturday and apparently again in the UK on Sunday night.

Social media users took to Twitter to question the unexplained sounds with many wondering if they were fireworks, an earthquake or even a sonic boom.

Claudia Angiletta recorded the sounds at around 9pm in Croydon, south London, and then turned to the internet to see if anyone had heard the same thing.

“I went out to look for fireworks but I couldn't see anything in the sky,” she told MailOnline. “That's when I recorded the clip to send to my family to see if they could hear the same thing.”

The 27-year-old said the noise sounded like bombs going off for half an hour.

Other people also heard the bangs, sparking the Twitter hashtag #loudbangs.

Twitter user Virtual Astronomer started the more dramatic hashtag #omgweareallgoingtodie and retweeted several mentions of the loud bangs across the UK.

Virtual Astronomer's tweets generated a series of responses from several areas, including Bristol, Brighton and Staffordshire.

The Metropolitan Police attributed the unexplained sounds to a fireworks display in Croydon. But at around 4.30pm in New York – evening time in the UK - people also reported hearing the bangs.

According to the New York Daily News, the sound could have been a meteorite breaking up in the atmosphere and creating a sonic boom.

The newspaper also said there had been a very small earthquake on the outskirts of New York. However people questioned why similar sounds had been heard so far apart.

Social media users also reported the sounds across the UK on Sunday night – from North Scotland to Kent.

Some conspiracy theorists claimed the sounds were from an ongoing spy plane project called Aurora – a name mentioned in a Pentagon budget report in the 1980s that some people believe could have related to a futuristic 8,000 mph spy jet.

Dr Bhupendra Khandelwal, an engineering research associate from Sheffield told MailOnline he wanted to distance himself from conspiracy theories but added technology the public are not aware of is always a possibility. 

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