A pensioner has spoken of his surprise at receiving a painting of an "ugly woman" in the post - and he has no idea of who sent it.

Keith Webb, 82, of Winchester, Hampshire, said the parcel was a complete mystery.

He said: "It's a painting of such a horrid old crone - my wife won't have it in the house.

"I have no idea of who sent it. I have taken it to the local auction house and they say it is about 200 or 300 years old and it has undergone some extensive renovation at some stage.

"It's not very valuable, about £200 apparently."

Mr Webb added that he did not believe he had inherited the painting as he was not aware of any relatives or friends having died recently.

He said that Parcelforce had informed him that the painting, which was addressed to himself, had been posted from a WH Smith store.

He added: "My wife thought it looked rather evil and she said 'I do not want that in the house' so in the garage it goes."

Mr Webb said that he hoped some publicity might help identify the sender.

He said: "It's just a total mystery."