A one-eyed rottweiler-cross which looks like a "pirate" has been looking for a home for nearly 300 days.

Tyson had his eye removed after a cat scratched it and ended up in RSPCA care in May last year.

He is nearing his 300-day anniversary at the home in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and still needs someone to take him in.

Paula Flitney, deputy manager at RSPCA Blackberry Farm, said: "Poor Tyson is now officially our longest stay dog.

"We really can't understand why he continues to be overlooked as he's such a wonderful boy. How many dogs could pull off the pirate look?

"He is such a sweetheart and will make a brilliant companion for the right person."

People who think they could offer Tyson a home can call the farm on 0300 123 0752.