A week-old-fox which was mistaken for an abandoned puppy after being rescued from the side of a road is being cared for by an animal welfare charity.

The cub, now named Husky, was found at the side of a road and taken to the Julie Innes veterinary surgery in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

The vet contacted the Scottish SPCA and Husky is now being rehabilitated at the charity's national wildlife rescue centre in Fishcross, Clackmannanshire.

Animal rescue officer Sian Robertson said: "We were given a call after the veterinary nurse became a bit suspicious when feeding the tiny animal.

"She looked a bit closer and became doubtful that she was a puppy.

"When I arrived, I took one look at the little fluffy animal and knew she was a fox cub - and a very cute one at that!

"The nurse had already wrapped her up, so I took her up to our wildlife centre where she will be hand-reared with minimal human contact.

"Husky will then be introduced to other fox cubs and will be released during summer in a carefully-selected site with the land owner's permission."