These two mountain sheep have turned into woolly car washes – by helpfully licking the salt off vehicles.

The hungry sheep have begun halting traffic in Miller Butte near Jackson in Wyoming, US, where salt is used to clear roads.

They eat up the salty snack which sticks to the cars as they drive through the snow-capped region.

Mountain sheep love the taste as it's similar to mineral lick – a naturally forming mineral that animals in nutrient-poor ecosystems eat to boost their diet.

Photographer David Swindler shot the footage on while scouting the area for a future photography tour.

"The sheep took interest in the vehicles parked alongside the road,” David said. "They started venturing down, attracted by the salt deposits on the dirtier vehicles.

"At first I thought it was really funny – then I realised I was missing a great video moment so I ran and grabbed my camera.

"Some of the more bold sheep allowed me to get pretty close.

"Although it's the first time I've seen it, apparently it's fairly common in this area.

"I'd been scouting other areas in the state for bighorn sheep for an upcoming tour and this was the first time I'd seen the sheep be this bold.

"After about 30 minutes they got their fill and took off.

"There were a couple of times the sheep started getting rough with their horns - I was worried they might scratch or damage my car."

Video credit: Caters News

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