Did you know serving apple pie without cheese in public restaurants is illegal in the US state of Wisconsin?

Or that you could find yourself in trouble for pouring wine into teacups in Kansas?

New York photographer Olivia Locher found some of the most obscure laws of US states then depicted them in a series called I Fought the Law.

“Some of them are still on the statute books,” the 23-year-old told BT.com.

“After doing some initial project research I quickly discovered that there wasn’t a shortage of interesting laws.

“A light bulb went off and I knew it would be a great photography project with a hint of sarcasm.

“Using early pop art as inspiration, I intend to defy rules and regulations across all the remaining US states.

“I hope the audience of these photographs will have an enjoyable experience and also maybe learn something new.”

She added that her final goal for the work is to have it published in an art book.

Photo credit: Olivia Locher

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