Talk about making a splash.

A stomach-churning water slide, confirmed by Guinness Records as the tallest in the world, looks ready for thrill-seekers judging by this incredible rider’s eye-view video.

The footage, which can be viewed above, was shot from a camera strapped to a sandbag, which rode the Verruckt Meg-a-Blaster, a towering water slide set to open soon at Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas, USA.

In the exhilarating clip, the dummy rider faces a steep drop before racing up another ledge and over another dip before reaching the final splash.

The 168ft slide was originally due to open on May 23 but extra work meant the opening was delayed until June 5, reports The Wichita Eagle.

But, after further delays, water park staff are still unable to confirm an actual opening date, but spokesman Winter Prosapio told the newspaper: “Our crews are working hard.”

That gives us time to get over the pond and join the queue!

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