A famous painting of the moment God made Adam from dust from the ground was replicated when an artist made Adam – and God – from cake decorations.

More than 10,000 marshmallows and half a billion sprinkles were used to create ‘The Baking of Adam’ – a copy of Michelangelo’s iconic Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco ‘The Creation of Adam’.

Cake Angels commissioned cake decorator Michelle Wibowo to make the replica to mark the 450th anniversary of Michelangelo’s death on February 18.

“I was so excited to have a go at recreating such a famous work of art,” said Wibowo.

Cake Angels - The Baking of Adam

“Working with so many tiny pieces requires a steady hand.”

Wibowo spent 168 hours working on the life-size replica which measures 18ft 9ins by 9ft 2ins and which is now on display at St Pancras Church in central London before it is auctioned for charity.

She used a computer to scan the original artwork before selecting 24 different colours of sprinkles to create the replica.

To stick the marshmallows and sprinkles down she used icing sugar, butter and vanilla frosting.

The Creation of Adam on the Sistine Chapel ceiling

Michelangelo died aged 88 on February 18, 1564.

The Creation of Adam – which depicts God and Adam almost touching hands and has been imitated and parodied countless times  - is arguably the most famous part of Michaelangelo’s fresco on the 5,800 sq.ft ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome’s Vatican City.

In contrast to Wiboowo’s 168 hours, the ceiling took the artist four years to paint, but then legend has it that he had to paint the whole thing lying on his back, and he didn’t have the added bonus that he could lick his artistic materials off his fingers as he went.

Photo credit: Cake Angels