These photos might look like everyday scenes, but look closer: there's at least one person hidden in each one.

Chinese artist Liu Bolin specialises in camouflage and spends hours painting his body as a canvas to blend into the background of his photographs.

Can you spot the man in the photo?

His work is inspired by the relationship between the state and society in China – he says he uses photography to explore the national identity while silently protesting its government.

“Each one chooses his or her path to come in contact with the external world,” said Bolin, who considers himself an outsider.

Can you spot the man in the photo?

“I chose to merge with the environment.”

No matter how detailed the backdrop, Liu becomes almost invisible to the naked eye thanks to 10 hours of make-up and paint.

Can you spot the man in the photo?

He claims even passers-by do not realise he is there.

Bolin’s work will be on show at his first UK solo exhibition The Heroic Apparition at Scream Gallery, Eastcastle Street, London until May 10.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Scream gallery and Liu Bolin